Los Cenzontles and Atilano López Patricio Release “Alma P’urhepecha”

The P’urhépechas, previously known as Tarascan, was one of the pre-Columbian empires of Meso America. Centered in the northwestern region of Michoacán, Mexico, they are now known for their many folk arts as well as their music and dance traditions. This album was recorded in collaboration with Atilano López Patricio, a composer, musician, painter and artisan of the P’urhepecha traditions. Alma P’urhepecha was recorded in collaboration with Atilano López Patricio, a composer, musician, painter and artisan of the P’urhepecha traditions.

Since 2000, Los Cenzontles have learned to play, sing and dance sones abajeños (danced rhythms) and pirekuas (lilting love songs) from Don Atilano on his occasional visits to the Bay Area. Los Cenzontles vocalists Fabiola Trujillo and Lucina Rodriguez learned to sing in the native language of P’urhépecha from Don Atilano. In turn, the members of Los Cenzontles teach this tradition to community youth at the Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy in San Pablo, California.

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Conexiones: A Cuban Mexican Connection on PBS stations across the country!

PBS stations across the country are broadcasting our film Conexiones: A Cuban Mexican Connection. Click here to see a complete list of stations and broadcast times!

Conexiones is an hour-long documentary chronicling the our 2016 tour of Cuba. The film captures a unique glimpse into Cuban cultural life during an historic time of openness between the United States and Cuba. We were granted rare access to perform traditional Mexican music in four cities around Cuba where they engaged with Cuban musicians from a variety of walks of life. There we discovered the richness of Cuban culture and Cuba’s deep affection for and fascination with Mexican culture. The film is a poignant statement on the importance of cultural exchange, identity and openness at a time of uncertainty in U.S, Cuban relations.

Los Cenzontles Releases “A La Mar” with Shira Kammen

With A La Mar, Los Cenzontles has enlisted brilliant early music violinist, Shira Kammen, for a powerful and hauntingly evocative recording that resurrects the early marriage of European music and the roots of traditional Mexican music. This album will be of great interest to a broad group of music lovers who share an interest in either Medieval and early Renaissance European music or the musical traditions of Mexico. All of these ingredients would form the rhythms and instrumentation of the Mexican roots music we know today, and A La Mar exquisitely documents this blending of cultures.

This project has been a dream of Los Cenzontles founder Eugene Rodriguez since he first heard the commonalities of authentic Mexican regional music to the Baroque performance practices he learned at the SF Conservatory under Classical Guitarist David Tanenbaum.

The album is not academic exercise, however. It is a moving and grooving creative project born of joy and love for tradition and connection. To buy the CD, click here!

Los Cenzontles Juvenil Release “Con Mucho Sentimiento”

Los Cenzontles Juvenil, our wonderful Academy students, has released a fantastic album of traditional Mexican music. “Con Mucho Sentimiento” (With A Lot of Feeling) features skillful, passionate renditions of classic canciones rancheras, as well as sones Jarochos and arribeños from the Mexican states of Veracruz, Michoacan and Jalisco. Click here to pick up a copy!

A celebratory CD release party on April 27th, 2018 marked the occasion with performances by the students. The recording process facilitates a new kind of learning process: students take greater ownership of their role as tradition-bearers of these valuable art forms, and gain invaluable and life-long skills of problem solving, leadership, teamwork and confidence.

Pick up a copy of this magnificent recording and find out what the Los Cenzontles Academy makes possible for our young people.

Los Cenzonltes Releases Covers 2!

We have just released our second full-length album of classic cover songs flavored with Latin American instrumentation, arrangements, and rhythms. Covers 2 includes venerable, beloved songs by great songwriters like Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Van Morrison.

The recording was officially released on February 23rd on multiple digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The release of Covers 2 follows Los Cenzontles’ celebrated 2016 “Covers” album, which includes “Both Sides Now”, honored by NPR as one of the best songs of 2016.

Through perceptive interpretations, each of the eight superb songs featured on Covers 2 serves as a vehicle for exhibiting the beauty and value of Mexican musical traditions and the connections they share with music of many genres and cultural backgrounds.