thrown back into tlie blood has been distinctly pointed
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giving a thin film. This method is much preferable to that of
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cardium and glands of the thorax. On looking at the brain on
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of pus from the right ear indicated an otitis media. About this
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varietal distinction. The following numbers appear eariy hill
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about equal proportions. A few extra cellular Gram
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For all its uncertainty and the contingency of the data it embodies
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pathology the course the duration and the prognosis of tlie
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to the patch on tonsil but that could not affect the
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essentially local and consists either in the application of vapours
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sometimes occurs at several foci. The sputum is bloody rather than rusty
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applying the single ligature is based upon anatomical
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treatment but seldom vanishes entirely. In this respect the method
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usually be found that at the expiration of that time
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other breed the supposed incompatible properties of yielding a great
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The bacteria are often found in very large numbers on the
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may be explained by supposing a diminution in the cali
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tasis oedeiua of the lung abscess of the lung gangrene of
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written by the same person and thit the separatists
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familiar with the history of such cases. The disease began
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reading some plausible exposition of its r e that the deductions
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merely ministering to an appetite for the marvellous or bloody.
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by the therajjcutic test the admini.stration of mercury and potassium
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was cord like. Innominate vein and right jugular not thrombosed. Brain
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future collecting it is purposed to give more attention to
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red cells presented to round quite refractive inclusions which
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vailing it was but Dttle understood and indeed was comparatively
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any way we could. I believe he has three cases of diphtheria.
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tubes was scarcely to be found in the clinical vocabulary of
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ing him in the medioail journals. Nevertheless the general
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or three granules at most became red. In older cultures there was a
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circumstances where an exudation into the nl gt dominal
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health has healthy children and is of a cheerful dis
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ringworm are apt to be roundish in outline while those
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completely divided and its ends are found separated
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test the blowing power of the cheeks may be ruled out by holding
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at night. For the past five nights to present writing
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may be observed in the wall of the pharynx on the mucous
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