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Lecturer in Medicine University of Bishop s College Montreal.

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The diagnosis is seldom attended by any difficulty provided a careful

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its virulence even after being dried. The bacillus is usually

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gathered and the following may be given as a brief sunnnary.

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On the other hand in the context of medical practice particularly

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lowed the intelligent application of the knowledge thus gained

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patrie du savoir cette patrie de la lumiere cette France

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chutes of the pens with a solution of chloride of lime four

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tinuance by the board of further tuberculin and mallein tests be

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less excitement of griping than in the acute form but I jents.

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London. Also Jaccoud Les Paraplegies et I Ataxie Paris .

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amount of urea. grains in the twenty four hours. Later the

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of the local authorities for restricting immigration trom

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are a generation devoted to the microscope the test

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groups. Further the addition of two atoms of bromine clearly shows

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to the city of New Orleans. Some of the native or adopted sons

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rarest animals from all parts of the empire were exhibited in the

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done aseptically and the operator does not include the vas deferens or spermatic

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result fatally. The practical application of the principles elaborated

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palatal depression of the floor of the nose is filled with

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has been to a slight extent followed. The oil so obtained

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Institution. The special thanks of the members were given

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suppurative or non suppurative. It is almost always due to

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pressure from a foreign body. The removal of the cause

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cus pyogenes being found. Thus it would be seen what

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by the time the diagnosis could be made the patient

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raceous exfoliations. It sometimes affected half a limb

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lightest. It is composed almost exclusively of large medullated fibers whose

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rectangular flap out from which after its formation he

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partly divided on the director and partly torn through. When

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life has persisted for weeks after the beginning of the

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necessary. As file closers it is their duty to rectify mistakes and insure

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of the abscess. These convulsive phenomena naturally occur more often

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rinsed in a fresh dish with the same solution. The pa

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of the tonsil included in them. When an attempt was made to

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there be both an evaluation of disability on a quantitative