curring in children imder five years of age. The onset is

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the indisposition of its editor it having published two numbers

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Distemper Vaccination Again. If the subject of vacci

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no attempt was made to deliver because there was no sign of labour.

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fore he ceased work altogether he had coughed and ex

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male. This cireuinstance would iodine us to infer dir

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the uterus. Pessaries are not to be recommended as their

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muscles only very slowly become impaired in irritability. When

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blood was examined. Were fresh films made or stained

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Barker s method of wiring the patella has been pretty g lt

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When the arterial pressure is low from the loss of blood

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In some forty subsequent urethrotomies several for strictures of

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highly neurotic family had alwajs been well with the ex

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always the poor who bought the nostrums because they

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culi were found in a capsule of connective tissue fitting

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meeliug of the Executive Committee of the CouncU to take

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merous cases of extensive burns in which patients re

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rdlt epeko betegek. Late operations for diseases from

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duty in France expects soon to return on leave. Dr. George

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where we have a sapraemia or pyaemia we often meet at autopsy that

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sequel of a mechanical injury as for example in Dr. Ewing s case

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terior surface of the uterus and then the peritoneum is

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out the other being affected. Similarly the tubes or ovaries

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any artery lie cut across the blood jets forcibly from it.

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Upon examining this patient we notice upon his body

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and perivesical infections. They sometimes coincide with relaxation

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had learned before labor to urinate in the dorsal position and

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In the next few days the changes become more pronounced. The

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up to the Station Hospital Naini Tal for further examinations.

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rough stone or calculus or particles of sandy substance from the

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various causes. These are among the most constant symptoms of con

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detached and evidence of intense inflammation or per