Los Cenzontles Releases “A La Mar” with Shira Kammen

With A La Mar, Los Cenzontles has enlisted brilliant early music violinist, Shira Kammen, for a powerful and hauntingly evocative recording that resurrects the early marriage of European music and the roots of traditional Mexican music. This album will be of great interest to a broad group of music lovers who share an interest in either Medieval and early Renaissance European music or the musical traditions of Mexico. All of these ingredients would form the rhythms and instrumentation of the Mexican roots music we know today, and A La Mar exquisitely documents this blending of cultures.

This project has been a dream of Los Cenzontles founder Eugene Rodriguez since he first heard the commonalities of authentic Mexican regional music to the Baroque performance practices he learned at the SF Conservatory under Classical Guitarist David Tanenbaum.

The album is not academic exercise, however. It is a moving and grooving creative project born of joy and love for tradition and connection. To buy the CD, click here!