NEW VIDEO SERIES: The Backyard Sessions

We are proud to present the Backyard Sessions, a new video series featuring performances by Los Cenzontles Academy students. It follows our popular Front Porch Sessions series of videos released in the Spring.

This Summer our teachers recognized that the pandemic would not soon dissipate. So they began teaching our singers to accompany themselves on guitar. These videos demonstrate their progress. And they capture the emotion of these most unusual times of loss and social isolation.

The first video presents sisters Isabel,16, and Selena, 12, singing “Paloma Azul” (Blue
Dove) dedicated to their grandparents.

The Backyard Sessions, like the previous Front Porch Sessions, are directed by James Hall. They occupy a place in our larger effort to address the impacts of the global pandemic, both economic and emotional, on our community.

Once again, Eugene Rodriguez, along with Academy’s teachers and the film crew were welcomed into the homes of our students—with everyone donning face masks and observing social distancing—to capture these special moments.