Son Jarocho Video Premiere with Eugene & La Marisoul

We are proud to present the music video El Pajaro Cu, a passionately contemplative rendition of a traditional son jarocho of Veracruz, Mexico,
performed by our director Eugene Rodriguez and celebrated singer La Marisoul.

Filmed by Armando Aparicio and TJ Reid and edited by Jean-Louis Droulers, the video is set in natural and urban areas of the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles: two regions in which this rural style of the son jarocho has taken root and where the artists live and work.

We are proud of the work that Los Cenzontles has done to introduce the rural fandango jarocho to California since the 1980’s. The El Pajaro Cu video, along with our ongoing son jarocho classes, are part of this wonderful living tradition.